I stole from my neighbors again. SMH Let us eat cake!

"You can make the cake!" My family was celebrating two birthdays and a fall-themed housewarming party that week. My alter ego "Jamaican Martha Stewart" was activated the moment they gave me a task. What perfect timing, every time the season changes I get this nagging feeling to create and here was my chance. I started my day, as usual, going on my gratitude walk. I started my walk as usual by being present and listening to nature and saying all the things I'm grateful for. The leaves just started to change which made the walk special. On my walk, I noticed some beautiful leaves, twigs, and pinecones on my neighbor's tree. My sister mentioned she wanted some fall decor for her party and it looked like no one was around so... (See Spring cherry blossom sticky finger moment for the first incident.)

Making a couple of circles around the block to scope out the scene I decided to go for it and shimmied up to the perfect fall tree discreetly shoving pinecones and leaves into my pockets acting as though I'm just admiring the tree. It must have been a sight if anyone was watching. Don't worry karma did get me back not even 10 minutes later when I tripped on a pinecone on my walk home.

After my sticky finger moment out in nature, my Jamaican Martha Stewart senses were tingling from my gratitude walk. I was going to create a cake to celebrate the changing of the seasons. I started to think about summer turning to fall. Apple picking with my family (apples), the smells and tastes of summer (oranges) and what I was looking forward to in the fall (cinnamon).

Voila! Apple, orange spice cake!

Special mention to my bestie Kelly who was sipping on Amaretto sours all night and taking on the role of official dj to set my cooking vibe.

Gratitude inspired the cake.

A best friend helped set the mood and make it fun.

Check out some older cakes and treats I've made in the past below. Not my greatest work but it was fun making it and evolving.