Happy Thanksgiving?

Being elevated means being re-educated. Let's be aware of why this day is celebrated and transform it like many of us have into a day of gratitude, love family and great home cooking.

The videos below are fascinating and enlightening. I have not verified the facts but I think that these videos are still very important to watch.

Let's celebrate this year and for years to come being educated, ethical and aware.

Do your own research too!

Share with family and friends!

If you eat Turkey, I think as an ethical person it is a must to watch this next video. Let's make moral purchases all year round. I know it's easy to go to a store and buy a turkey but imagine how great it would feel to buy a turkey that was raised cruelty free and grown in a natural environment as opposed to beaten, bruised, mutilated and molested.

Let's make simple decisions to move in the right direction and support the right people.

To contribute to the better treatment of animals I will give anyone who usually purchases a turkey and switches to a cruelty free turkey this year and next year a $60 off Coupon for one of my photoshoot packages. (Send me your receipt)

Special shout out to all the Vegans and Vegetarians!!! One day I will decide to make the switch permanently.

A quick google search will make the process easy. Here is a link for Toronto.