Are you Money Blocking?

Make a decision today to stop blocking your abundance.

Today Sept 27, 2017, I decided to stop blocking my money blessings. I can't lie, I was taught to feel ashamed in some type of way when talking about money or even accepting it. That might be weird to some people, some might even call me crazy for having issues with accepting money, but I did (past tense from this day forward).

I recently heard the incredible Carrie Green talking about money blocks, a topic I have heard about over the years but never taken seriously until today. Working on this myself and being quite excited about it I knew I had to inform my Elevated Visionaries.

I can't teach something I have not confirmed as a successful method in my life but I will share the information I am learning myself from someone who stands behind her experiences and methods.

Want to join me in gaining financial freedom.

Let's check out Carrie's story and methods below.

Money is a topic I don’t often talk about (I think it’s the Englishness in me!), but it’s something all of us need to generate as we build our businesses and make them successful.

However, so many of us entrepreneurs have money issues and as a result aren’t where we want to be financially…

I’ve been there myself and that’s what I want to open up and talk about today.

There have been two times in my life where I was in a financial rut! I felt like things were so hopeless and I started to lose faith and wonder if I would ever be able to change my situation and get to where I wanted to be financially. It felt like there was a huge mountain to climb and on top of that I felt like I had a ball and chain around my ankle holding me back, because of what was going on in my head. I eventually realised how out of alignment I was with allowing myself to receive and once I began to correct that, the ball and chain were gone and I was able to fly up that mountain (well maybe not fly, but I got up it!).



The first step I took in getting myself to where I wanted to be financially was getting clear on what my money blocks were. Get a pen and a piece of paper and answer this question, “What thoughts do I have around my ability/decision to make more money?” write out all of your money beliefs and thoughts. Once you’re clear on what’s going on inside of your head surrender them, like I mention in the video. Let them go and the start to open yourself and be willing to allowing more money into your life – step 2 will help with this.



The next step is to work on re-programming your mind so that you can really align yourself with receiving what you want. I did this through inundating myself with financial abundance affirmations, making a guided visualisation and reading books (and applying them). In the video I explain how I made my visualisation and I’ve also created a script you can use to record yours.

Once you’ve recorded it, listen to it daily and really start to feel yourself opening up to receiving more… you’ll be surprised by what opportunities open up and situations occur once you begin to align yourself with what you want.



The last part of the jigsaw puzzle to financial abundance that got me to where I wanted to be was action – taking the right action. When opportunities came up I pounced on them (even though I was terrified). When I wasn’t where I wanted to be financially it was because I was taking the wrong action. I was doing things that were never going to get me to where I wanted to be, so I had to figure out what action I could take that would transform my situation.

So, if what you’re doing now isn’t working, then what other action could you take?


I hope this post helps you if you’re struggling with money – these things helped me enormously, so I hope they help you just as much. We all deserve to live abundant lives and we all can.

Remove Obstacles To Money

As people become more educated spiritually, we begin to realise that we can use 'energy' to create what we want more effortlessly, namely the wealth that can make our life easier. The spiritual idea is that life does not have to be difficult. The 'old' belief around creating abundance and wealth has always been that we must toil long hours, expending much sweat, blood and tears in order to create any kind of wealth. A quicker way to achieve what we want is through changing the beliefs that block the easy flow of money. We must also learn to send out the right energy to the universe that will attract abundance. Over the centuries many have known this fact and used it to generate great wealth. Have you ever wondered why some people have such ease of seeming to 'magically' attract any kind of wealth they need and can lead a life of ease and leisure, whilst others toil solidly for a lifetime of labor and still struggle to pay bills? Mankind wasn't created as a slave to waste away a lifetime working for someone else, feathering someone else's next. At some point, we are meant to learn the skills and master the energy of creating our own abundance. Having plenty and wanting for nothing is our birthright as humans. So what are these skills and what does mastery involve? The affirmations below are a start, as they work on our subconscious and conscious mind to begin to send out the right energy to the universe.

Wealth Success Affirmations

  • I attract wealth to myself with ease.

  • Money flows to me now, each and every day increasing.

  • I easily and quickly make the wealth I need.

  • With each thought and endeavor I bring in more money.

  • People are attracted to (insert your business or product).

  • My business gets stronger, each day growing.

  • There is enough money in the world for me and others to have plenty.

  • Money is abundant and flows to me constantly.

  • I deserve to have what I need and choose the hours that I work.

  • I have the power to change my life and earnings powerfully.

  • I now release all obstacles to wealth and open myself to it.

  • My bills are paid effortlessly.

  • My debt vanishes quickly and my savings grow fast.

  • My wallet is fat with extra cash.

  • Extra money comes to me from the universe now.

  • I am open to receive all that I need.

  • I only spend on things I need, I find extra savings abound everywhere.

  • I am prosperous now.