7 Tips for Making a Great First Impression!

Not all of us shave meat like dancing in a ballet and sprinkle seasoning like a god from above so for the rest of us here are some concrete tips to make a great first impression.

When someone meets you, within about 10 seconds they'll decide a whole host of things about you: Whether they like you, whether they trust you, whether they think they can connect with you, whether they'd want you in their life and so on. People who have many deep friendships generally strike a stellar first impression. Often times they do it unconsciously it just happens. But you can consciously make it happen as well. Here's how to make a great first impression, no matter who you're meeting.

1. Dress for you but dress with style.

How you dress matters. While what you actually wear to make a good impression can really vary, it's no secret that people base a lot of their impression on what someone is wearing. In a professional setting, having a great suit or jacket with great shoes can say a lot about a person. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to make a great impression; but what you wear should be well fitted, should suit you and should match in style and colour with everything else you're wearing. In a non-professional setting, wearing well fitted clothes that suit your sense of style will still make a big difference. For example, if you're going to a rock concert, then dressing in well fitted jeans and a cool T-shirt will make a much better impression than baggy clothes that weren't chosen well.

2. Creating a Positive Vibe Have you ever heard someone say "I just got a good vibe from them!" How does that happen? It's a number of things. First and foremost, it's how you're feeling when you meet someone new. Are you feeling positive, uplifted, happy to meet someone? Or are you feeling down, depressed and dragging other people around you down? Before you go out, make it a point to get yourself in as positive a state as possible. Avoid going out and meeting new people if you're overexerted, tired or down. Remember to smile. If you're smiling when someone meets you for the first time, you're going to make a much more positive first impression than if you're not. Check out our 18 ways to improve your vibe.

3. Stand up!

Man or woman, these days we all stand up to meet someone new or to greet a friend.

As soon as you see the person(s) approaching, stand to welcome them. It shows you’re anticipating them coming over to you, and it’s a non-verbal statement that you’re looking forward to being with them. When you stand to meet or greet people, you’re literally rising to the occasion of being in their presence!

4. Don’t Let Anything Come Between You and the Other Person!

As you stand to greet someone, walk from behind anything that will physically separate the two of you. Come out from behind a coffee table, foot stool, desk, or any other item, even if it’s short.

You want nothing between you except air!


It sends an unconscious but powerful message that you trust the other person and that you don’t feel you need to keep your distance by having a physical object between the two of you.

5. Smile!

Most of us don’t smile as much as we think we do. Put a big grin on your face, larger than you think you should. Then, you’re probably smiling just about the right amount.

Why is a smile so important?

It’s your non-verbal invitation to join you. It speaks for you from across the room before you’ve had the chance to dazzle the person with your wit and charm. 🙂

You wouldn’t smile at someone who frightened you. So when you do smile at someone, it says, “Come on over!”

6. Look The Person Right in the Eyes!

Eye contact is a biggie. No one is absolutely sure they have your attention until your eyes meet.

Are you like me? Have you seen someone and then become confused for a moment, wondering whether the person is anticipating you, or someone behind you?

Well, you figured out the answer by watching their eyes. If the eyes of the other person(s) drifted past you, then you knew they were waiting for someone else. And don’t let people wonder whether you’re wanting them to interact with you. Give everyone the courtesy of looking them in the eyes.

It’s a gift of yourself that lets others know in an instant that they’re the center of your attention.

7. Shake Hands!

DONE FORGET TO LOOK CLEAN AND SMELL CLEAN! No one wants to second guess whether or not they should shake your hand. This is the most important of the five skills because it’s where you physically connect with the other person. The two of you join your good intentions towards one another with a physical seal of approval. Your handshake is your personal olive branch and welcome mat. Always try to be the first to extend your hand. Gone are the days when men had to wait for a lady to extend her hand first. (Exceptions are when men are interacting with women who are much older than they are, with European woman, and with women in Middle Eastern and Muslim cultures.)

To be prepared to shake hands if you’re right-handed, make it a habit to carry everything in your left hand: papers, books, laptop cases, purses, drinks…you name it; carry it in your left hand so you’re always ready to shake hands without losing a few of your precious ten seconds with awkward moments of shifting items from your right to left hand before you can accept an outstretched hand.

Hope that helps you make a great first impression.