18 Ways to boost your "Unique Vibe" to enhance your life, business and frienships.

Ever wonder what that person has that you don't? It might just be their vibe. Find out how to boost your unique vibe with these 18 tips.

1. Exercise

Exercise is great, whenever I am feeling down I go for a swim or walk in the forest with a friend. Exercise is great for killing anxiety and depression, therefore it elevated your energy. As Tony Robbins says ‘motion creates emotion’.

2. Speak to strangers

Talk, compliment and engage with strangers. There is nothing like seeing something that looks beautiful on someone and saying "Wow, that's a nice shirt! Where did you get it?" Be real don't just hand out fake compliments but when you feel something, say something. Not only is this great practice to opening up yourself and working on your vibe but it also makes you feel good paying someone else a compliment. Paying it forward is also an amazing vibe enhancer. Pay for the person's coffee behind you or give up your $1 grocery cart at the store to someone looking. I'd be so happy if someone spared me the time in the cold looking for my loonie to get a cart. (That's if you're a Canadian lol, we have loonies instead of dollar bills)

3. Do something a little crazy

Sometimes you just need those random days when you need to let yourself really have fun. Start with no expectations but a thought to have fun wherever you go. Think outside the box, do something you don't normally do or something that scares you. It could be hitting on someone, playing a dare with a friend or even going rollerblading like I did last week and inviting a random guy friend to come to hold my hand so I wouldn't "fall." It's true though, I would have fallen if he wasn't there. Amp things up and do something a little bit extreme to get the ball rolling. Watch the difference in your confidence after one day or night of a little crazy.

4. Get some daylight

Get out of the house, or at least open the curtains as soon as you wake up. Just 20 minutes of sun exposure a day improves your mood and lessens anxiety and depression.

5. Listen to upbeat music

We are easily influenced by what we hear, turn up your favorite up-tempo jams that will motivate you and make you feel optimistic and strong.

Here's my favorite song I play almost every morning while I make my smoothie:

6. Recycle old compliments

No one in the world ever said you can't reuse a compliment.

I love this one! Take a moment to remember the scene. How did they say it, what look did they have in their eyes? The moment when they gave you those compliments, they were having an experience of you as uniquely you. They were seeing a nugget of gold in you and holding it up so you could see. Do not downgrade these compliments and remember they had such a wonderful experience of you, that they were compelled to give you those compliments. WOW! Right. Is it just me or is that a goodie. Btw think outside the box, not just compliments a man gave you to get "somewhere" with you. Think of kids, family, strangers, colleagues and yes men but the real deep compliments, not overused lines.

7. Stop caring so much about the opinion of others

What you are actually doing is choosing love over fear. Stop caring so much about what others think of you, be shameless, be bold, and don’t be afraid to do things for your own self-amusement. Carefree people live longer.

8. Dance and sing when no one's around

I don't think there is anything quicker to make you feel good and put a smile on your face like singing and dancing by yourself. Sing as loud as you can pick up that brush/ microphone and dance to your heart's content. Watch how big the smile on your face will be after.

I dare you to get up and sing this and see if you don't feel great. I added lyrics if you don't know the words. Don't forget to blast your speakers.

When you're feeling crappy and need a boost start with Tracy Chapman - Give me one reason

When you're ready to be confident and happy try this one: Gloria Gaynor - I will survive


BTW I couldn't help but dance and sing the second I pressed play and I have the flu right now. :)

9. Dress well

The way you dress says everything about you. If you don't feel confident it will show. If you dress like you respect yourself, other people will respect you too. The way you dress changes your mindset as well. When you’re dressed to kill and ready for action well then you’re ready for action. When you’re dressed to watch Love and Hip-Hop and eat chips that’s often what you end up doing.

10. Stay fresh and clean

It doesn’t matter if you have the best conversation skills ever if your breath isn't fresh. Don't make that impression. Having a great vibe is all about magnetism. People like nice smelling people. Shower at least once a day, brush and floss your teeth, pluck your chin hair, use deodorant and wear fresh clothes. If you have half polished nails or a broken nail most of your effort goes into hiding your hands instead of being confident and putting your energy somewhere else. Put in the effort to look and smell great every day, when you feel proud, you will no doubt have a better overall vibe.

11. Work on a wake-up and go to bed routine

This worked wonders for me. Knowing that I wake up early, go to the gym, have my smoothie and meditate creates consistency and allows me to feel on track. When you create order in your life you stress less and live more.

12. Develop Mental Resilience

When things don’t go our way or when we don’t get everything right away we turn into big babies. It’s crucial to develop mental resilience. “It's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." Again less stress means better health which results in better vibe ultimately.

13. Hang out with cool people

Avoid negative people, instead, surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from those that are constantly complaining and wanting to hear your sob stories. Even if they are a good friend the relationship is toxic.

14. Eat and drink healthy

Stop eating garbage, start eating clean. Avoid relying on alcohol or drugs to build your vibe, in the long run, that will ruin your mind and body as well as your journey. Stay focused, get clarity, eat healthily, live healthily. This is the key to a balanced life. I won't say it's easy but I definitely wouldn't say it's hard. It's a matter of mindset.

15. Make yourself smile

We smile when we feel good, the smile can also be used in reverse, it’s been scientifically proven that if you’re feeling down try and force a smile for a minute or so and eventually the fake smile will turn into a genuine smile and you’ll begin to feel better. I swear this works, give it a try now!

16. Become assertive

Speak up and be heard. Let people know what you want and why you want it, you’ll feel happier and stronger.

17. Always look on the bright side of life

Notice all the numerous great things that you see daily. Develop an optimistic attitude ‘So what if I lost my left arm, great, I still have my right, besides I didn’t use my left one much anyway.’

To leave off on my lucky number, this is the most important thing I will ever tell someone.


18. Live a life of gratitude and choose LOVE over FEAR.

Imagine that every decision you make is based on LOVE or FEAR. Because it is, even when it comes to picking which bag of chips you want to eat. Digest this concept as your day goes by.

Every morning or night that I shower, I say that I am grateful for my fingers, toes, hair, body, my ability to breathe with ease, my freedom of speech, my gifts, my house, heat, my family, health, clean water, warm socks, loving friends, ancestors and so much more. I could spend hours and yes I even cry thinking about how blessed I am to be living at this moment in time and think about everything that aligned to allow me to be breathing and being in this world right now.

If nothing went "right" in your day, but you hold this gratitude mindset, nothing can stop it from being beautiful and putting a smile on your face. Again just remember what allowed you to walk to the sink, what allowed you to touch your hair, what allowed people to hear you. Live in gratitude.

Many blessings and I hope all your vibes are brighter and stronger from this post.