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Black Light Exhibit -Glow in the dark
(Currently showing at Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival)

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It requires strength, a foundation rooted in rich soil, and the ability to grow in truth and have faith. Intellectual illusions tell you it’s been dimmed, diminished, veiled, camouflaged or concealed but at the snap of a finger the power is within you to shine as bright as you wish.


Your light is Inalienable, glow in the dark, see with new sight, into the night. 

We are not enlightened by calling the dark, dark. Or thinking we are only light. That is the cerebral labyrinth we have trapped ourselves in.  Peace can be found when we find over-standing, beauty and TRUTH in both the light and the dark. There is no alpha without omega, no breath in without breath out, no giving without taking, no life without death, no light without dark, each requires its opposite.




We use our light as a tool for creative rebellion, a tool for Come-Unity development, a guide for self growth, alignment and a compass to navigate life. Your light is yours to use as you will. Have you given your light direction and purpose? 


This X-hibit is dedicated everyone discovering their light.  

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Boobie Balm 
All natural product + All natural photos + No Retouching

We have the right to be right. 

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