Yvonne Stanley is a Jamaican Canadian Afro Caribbean woman focused on empowering and supporting her community through art, activism and mindfulness programs for youth. A full-time photographer based in Toronto Stanley's professional work is focused on supporting minority business owners with bold, clean, elevated photography with a purpose to support their business endeavours. 

Behind the lens 

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Stanley's focus expands beyond the camera into hands-on humanitarian work and activism to support local and international communities and share important stories. With a team of dedicated BIPOC creatives in various fields, they volunteer to work and travel to support communities and individuals in need. The most recent trip was in support of those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Grand Bahamas and Abaco. The team worked with the Haitian ambassador and supporters in Toronto and Miami to supply aid and hands-on service on the ground. 

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The team "We have the right to be right" which began from an unfortunate incident in California, turned into a movement. From international award-winning short films, humanitarian aid, community support and creative projects to inspire empowerment, equality and upliftment of the BIPOC community the group actively comes together to make great change.  

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