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It can not be taken away, destroyed, given away or refused. 

Our light is unique, powerful, palpable and penetrating, it is loud, and quiet, it rebels and it heals, it offends and intrigues. But most importantly it is our own to discover and shape.

It requires strength, a foundation rooted in rich soil, and the ability to grow in truth and have faith. Intellectual illusions tell you it’s been dimmed, diminished, veiled, camouflaged or concealed but at the snap of a finger the power is within you to shine as bright as you wish.


Your light is Inalienable, glow in the dark, see with new sight, into the night. 

We are not enlightened by calling the dark, dark. Or thinking we are only light. That is the cerebral labyrinth we have trapped ourselves in.  Peace can be found when we find over-standing, beauty and TRUTH in both the light and the dark. There is no alpha without omega, no breath in without breath out, no giving without taking, no life without death, no light without dark, each requires its opposite.




We use our light as a tool for creative rebellion, a tool for Come-Unity development, a guide for self growth, alignment and a compass to navigate life. Your light is yours to use as you will. Have you given your light direction and purpose? 


This exhibit is dedicated to everyone discovering their light.  



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Exhibit Gallery 

Black Light Gallery
The Boob Book Project
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Boobie Balm 
All natural product + All natural photos + No Retouching

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RTBR is a collective comprised of creatives focused on using their art as a tool to drive social justice.

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Yvonne’s passion for come-unity led her to work with a group of like minded creatives and professionals from around the world that come together during important moments to activate and make a difference with their diverse skills as a collective. Most recent cases in community support included shedding light on CPS, America’s troubling child protective services where we successfully helped two children return home to their family while shedding light on the many other abusive and corrupt cases. The team also worked on the ground support for Hurricane relief in the Bahamas aiding the Haitian Ambassador’s initiatives to support and shelter displaced Haitians. Mark Victor Hansen once said “Each one, reach one.” Yvonne firmly believes that each individual has incredible power to change the lives of others for the better if there is intention even as small as a smile. It’s our duty to inject mindfulness and move with intention in all that we do. 


For more information visit the RTBR website for art activism updates: 


Bahamas Relief Efforts

In 2019 The islands of Grand Bahama and Abaco were severely affected by Hurricane Dorian. As fellow Caribbean people, we know what it is like to have to recover from natural disasters and the great distress that follows. In these times the act of Come-Unity is most important.  

RTBR contacted the National Association of Bahamians in Canada to facilitate the collection, organization, transportation, and distribution of items, volunteers, and services that were desperately needed. 

On Sep 11-15, the first round of Volunteers traveled by air to Nassau, Bahamas from airports in Toronto and Fort Lauderdale with 400 lbs of donations to physically be present on the ground.  


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In a forever evolving world we use art to discover new conversations, old systems, painful separations and beautiful blends of diverse cultures in this documentary photo journalism series on "Mixed" Race.

If these walls could talk: A journey through space and time. 

Exhibiting at the Stackt Market from May 5th - June 5th


Mural: Komi Olaf @KomiOlaf

Photographer: Yvonne Stanley @we.want.ev 

Trumpet Player: Rudy Raykwaku @rudyraykwaku

Photography Assistant: Lisa Kruchak 

The blue figures in this mural, known as the Chikis, are a tribe that transcend time and space. The tribe of blues musicians from West Africa and the American South travelled from the 1970s to the 3rd millennium to revive the vibrant energy that once lived at Toronto's famous Brunswick House.

What was planned to be a typical portrait session turned into an unexpected and unbelievable photo documentation through time.


Chronicling the moments which sparked Komi's creation, from conception to its completion, we set up the camera for a long exposure and pressed the shutter as Komi walked us through the portals of time. Revealing his creative process, we watched as the Chikis were brought to life, one sketch, story and brushstroke at a time.

From subways to local jazz clubs, he would sketch musicians as they performed. His fascination with jazz led him to delve into research, where characters, moments in time, and music began to come to life. Eventually, paper turned to canvas, and "The Band of storytellers" emerged in their brightest blues. It was only a matter of time before the Chikis were discovered, and a mural was commissioned and completed. Bringing life and colour back to the historical Brunswick House walls, the Chikis now reside there, bringing the blues back to life for all to enjoy. 

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Komi Olaf 

Afrofutrist artist 


Yvonne Stanley 

Photographer/ Creative Director