Santa Monica, LA
Santa Monica, LA


Santa Monica, LA
Santa Monica, LA



On a Tuesday evening looking out on my favourite view of Toronto with a warm cup of tea in my hands, I sat against my car and observed a man sitting in front of me. He looked just like everyone else seemingly taking a break from the everyday hustle, until I started to notice little things here and there.


Rough tattered clothing, ripped up bag, shabby shoes and a couple used bags one labeled forever 21. He was barefoot but seemed to prefer it as his shoes were placed neatly beside him.


A year later in Santa Monica enjoying the breeze and the excitement on the pier, I looked over my shoulder to find a man sitting on a bench overlooking the beach. It looked so familiar. I awkwardly stood far behind the gentleman frozen in my spot thinking. What was he looking at, what was he thinking, how he was feeling, did he have a family? 


I started to imagine I was him, that my life didn't go according to plan, or I went through something horrible that I couldn't get over, or maybe I just never learnt my life lessons. I could be sitting on a bench looking back on my life wondering when I gave up.


That moment I asked myself, "Am I living life to the fullest, am I seizing every opportunity, am I scared to succeed, how grateful am I for everything, my sight, hearing, feeling, family, friends, roof over my head, safe country.   All I know is that standing there on that pier I learnt some of the realest lessons I'd need to get through life.   

Never give up. 

Always nurture positive relationships.

Be endlessly grateful. 



Live Forever 21 and constantly see a world of opportunity. 


Santa Monica