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Toronto / 
Come-unity Servant 


“To be our best in the present, it's so important to appreciate 

our roots.” 

Today, Yvonne’s is a production company focused on Creative Direction and Photography while infusing mindfulness and Come-unity service whenever possible. With 8+ years experience Yvonne has worked with some of the top media companies to capture personalities for film and television production, advertisements, portraits and even the odd robot

More about Yvonne's Come-unity service.

Yvonne’s passion for come-unity led her to work with a group of like minded creatives and professionals from around the world that come together during important moments to activate and make a difference with their diverse skills as a collective. Most recent adventures in community support included shedding light on CPS, America’s troubling child protective services where we successfully helped two children return home to their family while shedding light on the many other abusive and corrupt cases. The team also worked on the ground support for Hurricane relief in the Bahamas aiding the Haitian Ambassador’s initiatives to support and shelter displaced Haitians. Mark Victor Hansen once said “Each one, reach one.” Yvonne firmly believes that each individual has incredible power to change the lives of others for the better if there is intention even as small as a smile. It’s our duty to inject mindfulness and move with intention in all that we do. 


For more information click the link for recent art activation exhibits and visit the RTBR website for art activism updates: 

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